​Team Hope Walk Joplin is September 16, Landreth Park.

"It's not really about the walk. This isn't a 5K or anything like that, it's a chance for families to come together and show support and love for those with Huntington's Disease." said one supporter through tears.

Huntington's is rare and it's genetic. So it runs in families and it is tragic. If someone has it usually around 40 they begin the descent into their illness.

It's like a mash-up of Alzheimer's, affecting a person's memory. Parkinson's affecting their speech and movement. And ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease, which they lose the ability to walk and talk. They eventually become bedridden and must be given 24 hour care.

The nightmare of Huntington's Disease ends about 15-20 years after it's begun. So cutting short one's life by decades.

In this video you see a daughter, Ciarra, talking with her mother, Linn. Linn has been ill for about 12 years now.